Three Season Gearlist (Jhaura W)


Jhaura Wachsman, 5' 9", 150lbs
SUL-durable style, low fiddle factor, easily becomes cold.

Southern California 3-Season conditions. 32* F minimum temperature. Prepared for heavy rain, light snow, deserts and brown bears. ~5L H2O capacity. 3-5 day (90-150mi) resupply period. Lower weights from mods and/or MYOG.

Base Pack: 6.97 lbs (111.57 oz)  –  Full Skin Out: 12.22 lbs (195.57 oz)

Worn / Carried

I typically dress like a trail runner. Whistle is worn around neck. On cooler hikes I swap in a long-sleeve 1/4-zip top or arm covers.

ItemProduct (Specifications)oz
Hat / VisorGoLite Team Hat (Running, yellow, 2009)1.65
Bandana / TowelH2W Bandana (Cotton, paisley beige, 22w x 22"h)1.25
Shirt, HikeSmartwool Microweight Crew T-Shirt (Wool, grey, 2013, Ms S)4.25
EyewearSmith Parallel D-Max Sunglasses (Polarized, grey, 2013)2.00
Bottom, HikeUnder Armour Escape Shorts (Lined, 7", Ms S)4.15
SocksInjinji Toesocks NuWool (No-show, lightweight, wool, Ms L)1.10
GaitersDirty Girl (Cordless, spandex, grey, Ms L)1.15
ShoesAltra Superior (Trail runner, zero drop, 2013, Ms 10.5)21.50
Trekking PolesGossamer Gear LT4 (Baskets, carbon fiber, 2012, 2-section adjustable)8.50
Total oz (2.85 lbs)45.55

Base Pack

Pack System

A simple rucksack setup with shoulder pouches for quick access of small items. I keep snacks in one side pocket and map in the other. The rear mesh pocket has shell jacket, shell pants, liner gloves and 1L water bladder.

ItemProduct (Specifications)oz
BackpackMLD Exodus (Frameless, classic rucksack, 2011, 3500ci (Main 2400ci / 40L, Outer Mesh 400ci / 6L, Side 150ci / 2L ea., Collar 500ci / 8L), M)12.00
Accessory PocketsZimmerBuilt Shoulder Strap Pockets (Cuben Fiber CT5K.18 1.43oz/sqyd, 2 * 3.5w x 1.25d x 6"h)0.50
Bottle HolderCordage with cordlock, 2 * 3mm x 12"0.50
PacklinerLiteTrail NyloBarrier (Poly/Nylon, 1mil x 12w x 8d x 36"h)1.00
Subtotal oz (0.88 lbs)14.00

Shelter System

Full coverage A-frame shaped tarp, front entry. Guylines are attached to tarp. Medium shaft stakes at corners, long shafts at ends, hooks in between.

ItemProduct (Specifications)oz
ShelterGoLite Shangri-La 1 (Shaped tarp, single wall, silnylon, 2012, 1-Person) · Stuff sack13.50
GuylinesLiteTrail G-Line 1 (Poly/spectra, 6 * 1mm x 12", 1 * 1mm x 60") · ClamCleat Line-Lok CL266 (6 * 0.74g)1.00
StakesLiteTrail Shephard's Hook (Wire, titanium, 4 * 6" 0.22oz/ea) · Easton Nano (Shafts, aluminum, 4 * 6" 0.28oz/ea, 2 * 8.5" 0.42oz/ea) · Pouch, Cuben Fiber CT5K.18 1.43oz/sqyd2.98
GroundsheetGossamer Gear Polycryo (Poly, 1mil x 40w x 84"h, M)1.50
Subtotal oz (1.19 lbs)18.98

Sleep System

Balanced between weight and comfort. Enclosed bag reduces fiddle factor. Unused items create a pillow and supplement legs.

ItemProduct (Specifications)oz
Sleeping BagFeathered Friends Vireo (Zipperless, down, 8.8oz 800+ fill, 45/25*, 2010, 68")16.10
Sleeping PadTherma-Rest NeoAir XLite (Inflatable, R3.2, 20w x 47l x 2.5"h, 2013, torso)7.65
Sleeping PadGossamer Gear Thinlight (EVA foam, R0.45, 19.5w x 58l x 0.125"h, full)2.00
Subtotal oz (1.61 lbs)25.75

Clothing Packed

Mostly items used at night and while sleeping. On cooler hikes, I add in a fleece hoody.

ItemProduct (Specifications)oz
Top, ShellLuke's Ultralite Rain Shell (WP, hooded, pitzips, silnylon, 2013, Ms S)4.35
Top, InsulationMontBell UL Parka (Down, orange, 2.1oz 800 fill, 2010, Ms M)7.70
Top, InsulationBlack Rock Gear Nobul Hat (Beanie, down, 2013, Ms S/M)0.65
Bottom, ShellMontBell Dynamo Wind Pants (Pre-Dynamo, 2010, Ms M)2.30
Bottom, InsulationMountain Hardware PowerStretch Tights (Heavyweight, fleece, polartec, 2009, Ms S)5.80
Mitts, ShellZPacks Rain Mitts (WPB, cuben fiber, Ms M)0.55
Gloves, LinerPossumDown (Hi-loft, midweight, Ms M)1.40
Socks, SpareInjinji Toesocks NuWool (No-show, lightweight, wool, Ms L)1.10
HeadnetPeter Vacco Mosquito (Breathable, see-through, bridal veil)0.30
Stuff SackFor small items: jacket, gloves, net0.30
Subtotal oz (1.53 lbs)24.45


Certain items are kept in front shoulder pouches or outside pack pockets for quick access. Tent peg acts as toothbrush handle. (NB: H31 headlamp shown)

ItemProduct (Specifications)oz
DocumentsMap(s) · Permit(s) · Guidebook page(s) · Note paper · Pen0.50
Cutting ToolVictorinox Swiss Army Classic Alox (Multi-function knife, aluminum, silver, 2")0.55
Lighting DeviceZebraLight H52w Headlamp (Neutral white, spot 80/12, Cree XM-L2, 280Lm, 1 * AA)2.00
MiscellaneousProTapes Pro Gaff (gaffer's tape, cloth, no-residue, 2w x 60"l) · LiteTrail DB10 Dropper Bottles (Water treatment) · Carabiner (Mini bail wire, 40mm) · Energizer Ultimate Lithium (AA, 2x)2.15
ToiletryToothbrush w/cap · Floss · Night guard · Ear plugs · Burt's Bees Lip Balm (chapstick, honey) · Travelon Soap Sheets (Biodegradable, unscented, 10pcs)0.85
WalletKey(s) · Cash · Credit/debit card · ID1.00
SurvivalBic Mini Lighter · UCO Stormproof Matches (15sec burn) · Light My Fire Swedish Firesteel Mini (1500 strikes) · AMK SOL Tinder-Quik (5pcs) · ACR WW-3 Survival Whistle (102 decibel, dual tone)1.40
StorageAssorted zip top bags0.40
Subtotal oz (0.55 lbs)8.85

First Aid

The items I've found most versatile and commonly used on the trail. Keeping meds in hardshell case prevents damage.

ItemProduct (Specifications)oz
SuppliesSterilast Ultra Gel E2 Hand Sanitizer (alcohol free, unscented, 20mL) · Dynarex Triple Antibiotic (Foil packets, 3 * 0.9g) · Krazy Glue Instant (Tube, 1 * 0.5g)1.00
SuppliesHypafix Dressing Tape (Breathable, 10 * 2w x 3.75"l) · 3M Steri Strip Closure Tape (R1541, 3 * 1/4w x 3"l) · Needles · Safety pins · Dynarex Nitrile Exam Gloves (1pr, S)0.70
StorageAssorted zip top bags0.15
MedicationsAdvil (Ibuprofen, 24 * 200mg, anti-inflammatory) · Tylenol Extra Strength (Acetaminophen, 7 * 500g, anti-pain) · Bayer Extra Strength (Aspirin, 7 * 500g, anti-fever) · Benadryl (Diphenhydramine, 6 * 25mg, anti-histamine) · Imodium A-D (Loperamide, 3 * 2mg, anti-diarrheal) · Schiff Knock-Out (Melatonin, 7 * 1mg, sleep aid) · Plastic protective case1.50
Subtotal oz (0.21 lbs)3.35


I use the smartphone for GPS, photo and documentation.

ItemProduct (Specifications)oz
SmartphoneSamsung Galaxy S4 (64 GB micro-sd, 2013)4.60
Subtotal oz (0.29 lbs)4.60

Cook System

My preference is towards light, fast and dumb-easy over micro-efficiency fuel gains.

ItemProduct (Specifications)oz
UtensilsLiteTrail Titanium Spoon (Regular handle, 6.5"l)0.34
Cookware / StoveLiteTrail Titanium Cook System (Cookpot 550mL, folding wing stove, windscreen, reflector, stuff sack, 2013)3.30
Subtotal oz (0.23 lbs)3.64

Consumables Storage

Quick and easy water access and refills are paramount. Wide-mouth squeeze bottle goes on shoulder strap.

ItemProduct (Specifications)oz
H2O BottlePurist (Squeeze, wide mouth, bite valve, 22oz / 650mL)2.75
H2O StoragePlatypus Soft Bottle (Foldable, closure cap, 2 * 33.8oz / 1L, 1 * 67.6oz / 2L)2.50
Bear Hang RopeLiteTrail H-Line (Dyneema/Spectra, coated, 15m x 2.2mm, 580lb ts)1.80
Odorproof BagLiteTrail NyloBarrier (Poly/Nylon, 1mil x 13w x 24"h, 620ci)0.40
Food SackHangable, 8 x 13"h, 650ci0.50
Subtotal oz (0.50 lbs)7.95

Total Base Pack: 6.97 lbs (111.57 oz)

Consumables Bulk

Chemical water drops and rehydrate in container style food with solid fuel. Only the evening meal requires stopping to prepare, all others are eaten while hiking or on short stops.

ItemProduct (Specifications)oz
H2OFresh Mountain Goodness (Typically carried, 1L)35.27
H2O TreatmentAqua Mira Drops (Liquid, chlorine dioxide, 2 * 0.34oz / 10mL, 25L capacity)0.68
FuelEsbit Tablets (Solid fuel, 0.5oz / 14g, 5pcs)2.50
FoodVegetarian, 12-20oz / day · iHerb (Frontier Foods bulk 1lb bags)0.00
Total oz (2.40 lbs)38.45

Total Full Skin Out: 12.22 lbs (195.57 oz)