Trailability is where I share my experiments and adventures related to hiking and backpacking in high endurance situations (relative term) with ultralight equipment at optimum efficiency.

Efficiency, meaning low-fiddle factor and low-mental drain gear and techniques so that one can hike and enjoy the surroundings unfettered by the equipment needed to survive multiple days in the deep backcountry.

Project Tagline and Description

I've tried to encapsulate my intent behind this project in a short blurb and sentence:

Experiments in Efficient Endurance Hiking.

Adventure hiking and backpacking with ultralight equipment pushing personal endurance.

It's not ordinary backpacking, it's not always "fun". The best corollary is participating in a marathon, adventure race, tough mudder or ultra-run. Most of the trips and ideas here won't interest casual hikers, nor are they intended as such.

In order to learn more about myself, my limits and my weaknesses I choose experiences where I am tested or pushed beyond the comfort zone. As they say, "the profit zone begins at the end of your comfort zone", and in this case the profit I seek is personal and physical growth that inevitably comes in such situations.


Trailability gets it's content from me (Jhaura Wachsman) who has benefited greatly from the outdoors and the life enrichment that it along with the ocean gives us freely.

I don't claim to be anything special or an expert in regards to hiking and the outdoors. I only hope to share with those who view this project my personal outdoor experiences and opinions that are relative to my world view.

Happy Trails,